Season of Mastery Character Leveling 1-60 |

CHOOSE YOUR REGION:Choose "EU SERVER" if you play in the European region or "US SERVER" if you play in the Americas & Oceania regions.


  • We will level your character on the selected range;
  • Service will be done via questing, dungeons and other activities on booster choice;
  • You will get gold, items and other things which drop during leveling boost;
  • ETA varies and can be up to 4 weeks, but you can lower it by picking priority options.


  • We will level your character on the selected range;
  • We will contact with you within 5-15 minutes after order;
  • We will plan your boost according to your time schedule;
  • Your boost will be completed really fast;
  • We don't use any programs or bots, only handwork;
  • Our boosters always play with the VPN of your country and your city;
  • Do you have a question? Ask in LiveChat now!


  • Piloted. It means that our pro-booster will log in to your account and plays during the boost. Save your time with Piloted Method and get the desired loot while you are working, studying, or relaxing with your closed ones. We don’t need your password for your e-mail and answer on a secret question. Your account will be safe.


  • Selected level character.


Ask our managers in LiveChat right now. We are glad to help you!

WoW Classic Season of Mastery Character Leveling - don't worry about delays, now you are the master of speed

The WoW Classic Season of Mastery Character Leveling Service is of great importance. It offers all players the opportunity to immediately get what they want. Thanks to this, the game becomes truly exciting. Gone are the days when leveling was associated with great difficulties. Now you can order WoW Classic Powerleveling Boost and, in no time you will be at the level that interests you. You can even order WoW 60lvl boost - it all depends on your desire. And remember, the game does not end at the top level. New horizons open there.

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