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Buy Castle Nathria Boost in WoW Shadowlands - get the best loot and clear 10/10 bosses. CN Raid Carry from our PRO team at cheapest price! ✓ Safe payment system! ✓ Only hand work! ✓ 4.9/5 trusted seller! ✓ Over 2000 reviews! ✓ Fast start!

You can buy loot raid in WoW Castle Nathria boost in normal, heroic, or mythic mode at fair prices with a 100% reliability guarantee because we have been successfully working with the most famous games! To order, select the options you need in the product card below, make the payment, and write to us to agree on the date of the raid.

CN Carry: easy for us, quick for you

Buying Castle Nathria heroic raid loot carry is perhaps the most reliable option to dress your character in good WoW gear in a short period of time. As an option, always going to the raid, you can complement the passage of high-level dungeons with a key in Shadowlands. If you have any questions, you can ask them in our online chat. The duration of one raid in the CN is about 2-5 hours. You can check out other raid services in World of Warcraft from our service.

What we do during Castle Nathria boost?

When the raid arrives, your character will defeat the bosses: Shriekwing, Sludgefist, Artificer Xy’mox, General Kaal, Hungering Destroyer, Castellan Niklaus, Kael’thas Sunstrider, Huntsman Altimor, Lady Inerva Darkvein, Sire Denathrius, for which you can order a separate rade.

Prerequisites for Castle Nathria mythic carry fulfillment:

  • you must be ready to transfer access to your account
  • at least level 60 character
  • the character has no CD for the raid (you were not there in a week before the raid)
  • you cannot enter the game during the raid (if the service is provided with a transfer)
  • for the myth the level of objects on the character is from 215 (general).

How to defeat the CN quickly?

You can buy the kill boss Sire Denathrius in Castle Nathriya mythic boost, or normal, and heroic difficulty at fair prices and with a full guarantee of service performance.

The service implies that you purchase a place in the raid that will kill the final boss in the CN, after killing Dinathrius, you will receive achievements for this game feat, you may get the equipment and memories for the legendary in Shadowlands. The average lead time is up to 1 hour.

Requirements for the customer of the service: you must have a character of at least level 60, provide access to your account for the duration of the service (if required), do not log into your account during the raid (it will be booked after the order has been paid).

Why boost with us?

Our service offers a wide range of services for World of Warcarft: Shadowlands. You can order not only loot raid but other services for PvP, PvE, and pumping, or just buy yourself gold or a mount. Our advantage is that we not only offer quality performance but also try to make it as affordable as possible. Our site is famous for the most adequate prices among its kind, so you can not only order services for pumping or passing but also do it profitably.

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